New hair.. Cut some more last night!

Thanks for stopping by. 
My name is Christin and I am a twenty-something little lady from Northern Ireland. 
I created this blog to document the important events in my life, show of some of my artwork/ crafts and occasionally have a little rant! 

I am a trained Art Teacher and part time Photographer. In 2008 I started up my own little Etsy store, where I sell lots of doll related items that I create on the machine and by hand. 

Dolls/toys are a big part of my life, I love collecting, creating, customising and making things related to the hobby and you will see a lot of it featured here on my blog!

Mr Marshall Bravestarr is another BIG part of my life ( when I say big I mean HUGE). He is my adorable Maine Coon boy who came to live with me in April 2012. I have never really been a "cat person", I've grown up with dogs but as soon as I laid eyes on Maine coons I knew I had to get one! It took a lot of researching and some handy contacts to find the right breeders but eventually I got to meet little Marshall and it was love at first sight! 

Marshall looking big and regal next to Amelia!